Fioralice, a farm for a dive into the Tuscan nature.
Born in 1987 from an idea of Fabrizio Simonetti, ex  marine officer, the Fioralice-farm, extends on a hilly ground for twelve hectares, between woods and meadows.
It represents the realization of a dream, that is to say, to breed horses and to live in the middle of nature.
Accustomed to plough the waves during passengers-cruises, Fabrizio decides to change way of life and helped by his wife, Melania Balleri and by his sister Fiorella, begins his activity as farmer, founding Fioralice.
Expert of horse-trekking because of his travels around Tuscany and Umbria and his patent as federal guide and instructor, adds to the farm, the riding- centre.
An old farmhouse, completely restructured but at the same time keeping the old features.
It is made up by three indipentent flats, immersed deep in the wood but also very near (about 2 Km) to all conveniences.By Fioralice, when you close the door, it seems to dive into another world, in the middle of nature, animals and peace.

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The innumerabile resources of Tuscany can satisfy any requirement in all fields: art, culture, gastronomy, amusement.
During your stay you can visit the neighbouring cities, such as Pisa and Livorno or Lucca, Volterra, Siena and Florence. If you want you can also reach our beaches on the tyrrheniancoast.
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